Get Involved

We would love you to get involved with The Envelop Project!

Here are a few different ways you can contribute:img_1160


Knit or crochet a square or two and make a wooly envelope.

Make: A Square

Make: Woolly Envelope.

Drop off finished squares to Main Reception, Brunel Building, Southmead Hospital

or post to:

Ruth Sidgwick

Facilities Directorate

North Bristol NHS Trust

Southmead Hospital

BS10 5NB


Make a message, download the ‘Message Generator’ sheets below.

Have a go and send in your message for us to share in the project.

Message: Part 1

Message: Part 2




Do you have any shrunken jumpers or felted woolies?

We also make the envelopes from 6 inch felted squares – so send any shrunken woollens our way!