img_9332The Envelop Project creates and collects messages from patients, staff and visitors to the hospital, through workshops in wards and collective gatherings around the hospital site. Once created, these messages are delivered to waiting rooms, wards, staff rooms as well as being left ready to be found by the right person, tucked away around the hospital site.

The Envelop Project aims to create a ‘hug of woolly words’, enveloping and wrapping its arms around the hospital.

These messages are a connection to other patients and staff in the hospital, people you may not ever meet but who are a part of the same thing. A reminder you are not alone, there is a community of people who are with you and thinking of you.

Here you can read some of the messages that have been created, look for dates to join our knitters and message makers, find a knitting pattern to contribute a square or two or make an envelope, as well as contributing your own message.

This projects builds on the wonderful work created in The Giant Jumper and Knit with Me projects over the last couple of years. The Envelop project takes the macro to the micro, creating tiny interruptions in the everyday.